14-22 September 2024 „The fruit of that righteousness will be peace” (Is 32,17)
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Ars Sacra Foundation

St. II. Pope John Paul called upon the European cities for a renewal in his Ecclesia in Europa encyclical, to show the strength of our faith to the world according to the challanges of the present, with a new dynamism.
With the initiation of our Holy Father and with the mutual decision of the Bishops of Vienna, Paris, Lisbon and Brussels as well as the support of Emmanuel Community the goal of the 'City Mission' event has been formulated.
Budapest has also joined this initiation and Cardinal Péter Erdő has announced the 'City Mission' event in Budapest in 2007.
We – Márta Dragonits, Ildikó Kolek, Ilona Toroczkay – thought we would also join this mission. We wanted to reach out to the people from different religions of Budapest with the help of arts, therefore decided to organize the Ars Sacra Festival and the Open Church Day. Because of the numerous enthusiastic feedback we founded the Ars Sarca Foundation in 2008. The goal is to bring to light and increase popularity of sacral arts. Since 2007, each year on the third week of September we organize the Ars Sacra Festival along with the Open Church Day and with the Ars Sacra film festival from 2016. This initiative started in Budapest and became national later on. We also try to promote and strengthen the need for the true values in a larger circle.

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